About us

EduSim is a New-York and Brazil-based based ed-tech startup that uses its AI to transform bilingual education in K-12 schools. EduSim creates ChatClass, a platform helps students increase English speaking time and provides teachers with accurate information about student performance. 

Voice & Chat Focused

Our tech uses voice and chat to facilitate engaging social interactions.

We leverage social messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Hangouts and Messenger, meaning users anywhere can reach us in seconds - without downloading an app. 

Technology for Human Impact

We believe quality education should be accessible to all.

That's why we use AI as a force for social change to shape the future of education.

Emerging Educational Markets

There has been a steep rise in demand for high-quality English instruction in schools globally.​

In Brazil, the K-12 private sector is poised for growth, due to poor quality public provision, the rising affordability of the middle class, and a favorable regulatory environment. 

We partner with schools internationally, connecting students across the globe.

Our Services

K-12 In-School Programs
We offer customizable, blended in-school solutions that drive learner engagement by connecting students to real language tutors in the classroom.

Students can learn and connect with peers, and teachers can easily monitor student progress, assign tasks, and send private messages.

Partner Programs
We partner with institutions to bridge the digital skills gap through tech-forward solutions that prepare students to join the 21st century workforce.

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